The world’s smallest and longest lasting location tracker for kids & pets


Founded and based in Chicago, Jiobit has created a tiny, lightweight tracking device that lasts for up to a week on a single charge. The Jiobit App lets you see your child or pet’s location in real time, set boundaries, and tells you who they're with. After two years of R&D and field trials with thousands of parents, Jiobit officially launched in the spring 2018 and is receiving accolades from users and reviewers as the best tracker for kids and pets.

We believe that Jiobit’s successful launch is due not only to the incredible Jiobit team and technology, but also because of the evolving ecosystem of Chicago-based venture investors. Bridge recognized the potential of the team and what we were trying to accomplish during our time with Techstars, and they have been a supportive partner for us since.

John Renaldi
CEO and Co-founder of Jiobit