Private Equity Investments

  • Size: $2 million to $15 million equity investments
  • EBITDA: $1 to $5 million
  • Industry Focus: Tech-enabled services, such as niche SaaS providers and service-oriented businesses that leverage technology
  • Types of Investments: Acquisitions, growth equity, recapitalizations, shareholder liquidity, family business transitions
  • Structure: Equity, preferred equity, convertible debt, subordinated debt, or other quasi-equity securities; we consider control or minority positions

Venture Capital Investments

  • Size: $250,000 to $500,000; $50,000 – $100,000 for earlier stage “seed” investments (post-revenue)
  • Revenue: $1 million run rate; will consider lower revenue levels for “seed” investments
  • Industry Focus: Technology and tech-enabled services (SaaS, AI, AR, IOT, legal tech, etc.), consumer/e-commerce or digitally native brands (apparel, devices, food & beverage, etc.), among other select industries
  • Types of Investments: seed, convertible securities, Series A/B/C
  • Structure: Equity, preferred equity, convertible debt, subordinated debt, or other quasi-equity securities; minority positions

Our Approach

We seek out talented management teams of companies with clear growth potential, apply a disciplined and analytical approach throughout the transaction and portfolio management processes, and work in collaboration with management throughout the investment horizon. We understand and have experienced the unique challenges that businesses face during their various stages of development. We have found that certain fundamental principles from mature businesses can be applied to venture-stage opportunities to more quickly achieve profitability. Conversely, the progressive and innovative qualities of venture businesses can be

applied to later stage enterprises to help ignite growth. We focus on industries where we have direct experience and relationships: tech-enabled services, SaaS, and consumer/digitally native brands, among others.

We focus on growth

The investment world is evolving as the line between private equity and venture capital continues to blur. At Bridge Investments, we have the flexibility to invest at any stage of a business’s growth cycle, from seed or Series A investments through our dedicated Venture Fund, to majority investments in mature growth companies seeking liquidity and support in advancing to the next level. We have a 20-year track record of success working closely with inspired management teams to support their vision and help achieve sustainable growth.

Daniel Goldberg

Before it was fashionable for PE / venture firms to promote themselves as value-add partners, Daniel and the Bridge team believed in creating a culture of collaboration from the start. This philosophy has resulted in management teams, as well as our investors, being Bridge’s best advocates. Since co-founding Bridge 20 years ago, Daniel has been actively involved with, often as a Board Director or advisor to Bridge’s portfolio investments, including Bridge Venture Fund, QDiscovery, FreightWatch, PV Media Group, and Stonegate Capital, among others. Daniel graduated from the University of Michigan, but U of M sports fans regularly make fun of him for not keeping up with Michigan sports.

Jason Thomas

Jason enjoys spending the majority of his time working directly with the management teams of Bridge’s portfolio companies. Jason’s highly disciplined and analytical approach, and years of experience working closely with management teams at various stages of growth, has been a major asset to Founders / CEO’s. Before joining Bridge in 2013, Jason spent 8 years with a Chicago-based venture capital and private equity fund that was also a major co-investor with Bridge. Jason has served or currently serves on the Board of Bridge Venture Fund , QDiscovery, Stonegate Capital, haku, CoreXchange Inc., and SCO Logistics. Jason graduated from Albion College, yet he is a real U of M sports fan, having grown up in Northern Michigan.

Robert Goldberg

Almost 30 years after founding Goldberg Kohn, one of Chicago’s most highly respected mid-sized law firms, Bob co-founded Bridge Investments, offering his vast experience and relationships that continue to benefit Bridge’s portfolio companies and help shape our strategic direction. Bob’s previous experience scaling services business has been a template he has shared, in different ways, with Bridge’s portfolio companies who are often faced with similar challenges during periods of rapid growth. Bob graduated from Cornell University (BA) and then earned his JD from University of Chicago.

Michael Suchsland

Mike’s expertise in strategy, M&A, marketing, and leadership development with service businesses adds value across Bridge’s diverse portfolio. Mike is a Qdiscovery board director, a principal of Bridge Venture Fund, and actively involved in all of Bridge’s legal-tech related investments. Mike is the former President of Thomson Reuters’ legal business unit, where he served 15 years in various senior executive positions. Since leaving TR in 2014, he has provided leadership on several public and private company boards, and as a business advisor to private equity firms and their portfolio companies. He is also an active angel investor and mentor, focusing on technology-enabled businesses. Mike is also Vice Chair of the Chicago Literacy Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping meet the literacy needs for people of all ages and backgrounds.

James Florsheim

Jim brings considerable experience to Bridge's business planning and equity placement efforts. He formerly served as Senior Vice-President and Director of Chicago Corporation and as a Senior Vice-President of ABN AMRO. He holds a B.A. from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.