The Bridge team not only understands the numbers and the metrics that matter, they also understand the fun of the entrepreneurial adventure. In the deal process, we’ve gone through everything from financials and analytics, to (my own) awful jokes. I can honestly say no one expects fundraising to be a wonderful journey, but, in this case and with this team, it has been. I’m proud to have Bridge Investments running with the Outlaws.

Danielle Vincent
CEO and Co-Founder, Outlaw Soaps

Bridge truly understands what it takes to support high growth start-ups. At PartySlate, we think of our business as a collaboration between management and our investors, and I feel lucky to have Bridge as part of that team.

Julie Novack
Founder & CEO of PartySlate

Having veteran Legaltech investors like Bridge Investments has been a priority for Casetext as we accelerate growth. The industry is evolving rapidly, and we are thrilled to be able to leverage Bridge’s experience in the space.

Jake Heller
Founder & CEO of Casetext

We’re thrilled to have Bridge as a capital partner for SHIFT. They are a forward-looking team with a keen understanding of the rapid pace of change taking place in various industries. Their insights and relationships have been a value-add for SHIFT.

Ari Levy
Founder and CEO of SHIFT

The Bridge team’s approach has been a great fit for Luxury Garage Sale. They understand today’s consumer trends and key metrics, the complexity of a true omni-channel retail business, and it’s obvious that they enjoy the challenge of helping high growth businesses succeed in a very competitive environment.

Trish Lukasik
CEO of Luxury Garage Sale

Having strong Chicago-based investors like Bridge Investments, with years of experience in the software space, helps KnowledgeHound expand our own network and build upon our recurring revenue, key factors for sustainable growth.

Kristi Zuhlke
CEO & Co-Founder of KnowledgeHound

We believe that Jiobit’s successful launch is due not only to the incredible Jiobit team and technology, but also because of the evolving ecosystem of Chicago-based venture investors. Bridge recognized the potential of the team and what we were trying to accomplish during our time with Techstars, and they have been a supportive partner for us since.

John Renaldi
CEO and Co-founder of Jiobit

Bridge was an ideal investor for EventUp – knowledgeable, flexible and always willing to help out. We really enjoyed working with Bridge from the early days of the business all the way to a successful exit.

Jayna Cooke
CEO of EventUp, acquired by Gather Technologies (Vista Equity Partners)

When Bridge invested in ID, we were still just emerging as a one of the first digitally native furniture brands. We knew the potential of what we were creating, and having Chicago-based groups like Bridge believe in and support us early on was essential to helping us become a leader in this space.

Rob Royer
Founder and Chairman at Interior Define

Bridge is the definition of a supportive capital partner. For a boutique VC fund, they clearly fight above their weight class. Their network has been a valuable resource for RevCascade, providing some key relationships at just the right times.

Josh Wexler
Founder and CEO of RevCascade

As the lead investor, Bridge worked side by side with our management team to help scale FreightWatch International. We grew from a mid-sized logistics security business in a niche industry to a more diversified company that ultimately became a valuable strategic fit for United Technologies. Bridge understands the true nature of collaboration, and we have always enjoyed working with their team.

Barry Conlon
Former CEO of FreightWatch (Acquired by United Technologies)

Bridge has been a valuable and supportive investor since the early days of Simple Mills and has always been proactive in providing resources and assistance to help us continue to rapidly scale.

Katlin Smith
Founder and CEO of Simple Mills

Bridge’s commitment to QDiscovery goes far beyond the typical capital partner. Whether providing financial and administrative support, assisting with business development, or spearheading M&A and other strategic initiatives, Bridge is always focused on helping our team drive growth.

Dave Barrett
CEO of QDiscovery

Entrepreneurs want more than just money: Bridge’s deep network, financial discipline, access to business development opportunities, and shared vision made them the ideal choice as a capital partner when we launched Stonegate Capital.

Andrea Hedrick
CEO of Stonegate Capital

Bridge has been a tremendously supportive partner, having recognized Mack Weldon’s vision early on. We have enjoyed working with them over the years as we’ve built Mack Weldon into a leading digitally native consumer brand.

Brian Berger
Founder and CEO of Mack Weldon