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Before it was fashionable for private equity and venture firms to promote themselves as value-add partners, Daniel and the Bridge team believed in creating a culture of collaboration from the start. This philosophy has resulted in management teams, as well as our limited partners, being Bridge’s best advocates. Since co-founding Bridge over 20 years ago, Daniel has been actively involved with, often as a Board Director or advisor to Bridge’s portfolio companies, including QDiscovery, FreightWatch, PV Media Group, and Stonegate Capital. Daniel graduated from the University of Michigan.


Jason’s highly disciplined analytical approach and years of experience working closely with management teams at various stages of growth has been an invaluable asset to Bridge’s founders and CEO’s. Before joining Bridge in 2013, Jason spent eight years with Red Barn Investments, a Chicago-based venture capital, and private equity fund. Jason has served or currently serves on the board of Stonegate Capital, Haku, QDiscovery, CoreXchange, and SCO Logistics. Jason graduated from Albion College.


With a background rooted in private equity and venture capital, Connor takes a data-driven approach to investing, but also enjoys observing cultural shifts in consumer behavior and applying those learnings to new investment themes. Connor works closely with management teams to gain insights and improve performance and enjoys the challenge of understanding complex businesses. Connor is a University of Notre Dame graduate and earned his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.


Tim brings years of experience investing primarily in the healthcare sector. With a passion for improving treatments around mental health conditions, Tim is spearheading Bridge’s Palo Santo Fund which focuses on companies and solutions offering innovative treatments for mental health and CNS disorders. Tim received his BBA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and has previous experience as a Private Equity Investor at Madison Dearborn Partners as well as an Investment Banker at J.P. Morgan and Greenhill.


Almost 30 years after founding Goldberg Kohn, one of Chicago’s most highly respected mid-sized law firms, Bob co-founded Bridge Investments. Today he continues to offer his vast experience and relationships to benefit Bridge’s portfolio companies and help shape strategic direction. Bob’s previous experience scaling services businesses has been a template he has shared with Bridge’s portfolio companies who are often faced with similar challenges during periods of rapid growth. Bob graduated from Cornell University, and earned his JD from the University of Chicago.


Mike’s expertise in strategy, M&A, marketing, and leadership development with service businesses adds value across Bridge’s diverse portfolio. Mike is actively involved in all of Bridge’s legal-tech investments and served as a QDiscovery board director prior to its sale to Xact Data Discovery. Mike is also the former President of Thomson Reuters’ legal business unit, where he spent 15 years in various senior executive positions.


Advisor - Digital Marketing & Analytics - Tellef is the CEO and Founder of Accelerated Digital Media, a digital marketing and analytics firm specializing in performance marketing, attribution modeling, and web analytics. Tellef also serves as a trustee of the Kaplan Family Foundation and as a board member for Embarc Chicago, a community-driven, experienced-based learning program for underprivileged high school students. Tellef and his team help guide digital marketing strategy and execution for the Bridge portfolio.


Advisor - Consumer Brands - Brian is the founder and CEO of Mack Weldon and a strategic advisor to Bridge. Brian founded Mack Weldon in 2012 and built the digitally native men's basics brand into a leader in the space through a focus on design, performance and functionality. Prior to founding Mack Weldon, Brian served in several leadership positions within consumer internet and media companies including Comcast, WebMD and Excite@Home. Brian serves as a unique resource for the founders of the many consumer brands in our portfolio.


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Working closely with students from the Kellogg School of Management and the Booth School of Business is core to Bridge Investments' strategy. Our MBA Associates contribute to all aspects of our business including deal sourcing, thesis development, and due diligence.